Monday, February 8, 2010

my day off

This day follows a horrible sleeping night - or I guess I should say sleepless night! Our son's band was here and one of them - I AM NOT EXAGGERATING had the worst cough I have every heard in my life!

This kid is probably 6'4" and 250 pounds and it sounded like he was coughing up a lung all night long! Since he's 24 years old it's not like I could trot upstairs and rub Vicks on his chest or shove a spoonful of medicine down his throat. But HOW I wanted to! ha ha

Anyway all that to say - I got up prepared oatmeal, scrambled eggs, sausage, toast, juice and coffee before they headed to Indiana.

Now my day off begins with a headache, a blanket, my computer, books to read and the couch covered with coupons and grocery lists with lots of inexpensive - nearly free grocery items to add to my stockpile. I love a good bargain!

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