Monday, February 22, 2010

my day off

I have thoroughly enjoyed my day off so far. My sabbath! How could you not enjoy a day that begins with your dear mother-in-law and pancakes? I'm just sayin...

Anyway, I followed up pancakes with the gym and then home sweet home!

As I sit on my couch working through my precariously teetering stack of books and papers waiting to be organized - I began preparing for the Artists Small Group tomorrow night. The new "Expressive Drawing Book" was right on top. My hope as I began this book was to come up with some exercises that we could use to have fun at our meeting. What I found was something that struck me as a parallel to some theological struggles I see around me.

"Drawing is often equated with rendering, or conveying accurate information about the visible world. Change came however, with the Modernism art age. This art era argued that art can be about the unseen - drawings could now be about internal realities - dreams, feelings and imagination. ... you as an artist are filtering experiences of your life to create a new reality as you draw."

In the area of creating an artistic drawing this is acceptable, in the area of theological doctrine it is not!. People and churches are creating a new reality and it's all about them. What's convenient, what feels good,what makes everybody happy and what in most cases allows them to live anyway they choose.

I have to assume the author of this art book had no interest in theological debate - but I thought it was a good description of what we have seen all around us recently, even here in little 'ole Mansfield, Ohio.

Be wise, study God's Word and let's join together to walk, speak and serve as Pastor Tim reminded us in Ephesians 4.

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