Monday, February 1, 2010

my day off

I have normal stuff today - finish spring-ish cleaning kid's bedrooms before they come home this week, laundry and grocery list planning (with coupons)...but I still feel weak from the depth of terror I felt last night.

This probably sounds overly dramatic, but, we got a call from our daughter who was driving home from Michigan to Indiana last night when a tire blew out! GOD was present and kept her car from wrecking, but, she and 2 other girls found themselves in pitch black stranded on I 69. Four hours from here and almost 2 hours from school.

Talk about a sick feeling.

We kept her on speaker phone as she drove 'on the flat' a couple miles down the side of this busy interstate to get off on a ramp to get out of the way. They then called the State Patrol who arrived and helped them put the donut tire on their car.

The ramp they went down led to nowhere so it took some doing to even get back on the interstate. The patrolman had told them they could not drive far on it, so still on the speaker phone we tried to think of a solution for help at 9:30 on a Sunday night.

As they drove 35 mph down 69,only going 4 miles since reentering the interstate, a Michigan State Policeman pulled them over to tell them their donut was flat. He told the girls to get in his car and he'd take them to get a tire. This period of time was perhaps the most scared I have ever been in my life! All the horrible news reports, including a couple stories I had heard about how supposed 'fake road side assistant' people would intercept police calls and attack people came flooding back and sent me into a panic.

The next call we got was an amazing call. The policeman called a friend who owned a car repair place that was closed of course, but, the guy met them there and could only find a tire that was one size too small but GAVE it to them. He would not let them pay! The policeman drove the girls back followed by the store owner who changed the girls tire and went on his way.

As the man drove away the girls saw this sticker on the back of his pick up truck "Jesus Saves"...

I have been praising and thanking the Lord for His obvious intervention and protection, and for a reminder of how LOUDLY our actions can speak, and how AUTHENTIC our testimonies become when we serve those in need!!


Servant4Him said...

Thank You Lord!! Praise your name in the highest!! What an amazing show of power and your amazing care, love and control!! I am so glad that they are all okay!! What angels and amazing Followers there are out there!! Blessings to those who gave and THank you Lord for your greatness and Love!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you Lord for your protecting hand upon them!