Wednesday, February 10, 2010

cheap is good

I have had very little time to really dig into deals this week, but, one thing I would really encourage you to do is to sign up for Twitter. I know, a lot of people think it's lame, but you can sign up to ONLY use it for coupons sites!

On almost every coupon site there is a facebook or twitter sign up. I like the coupon feed on Twitter over Facebook, so my facebook page doesn't get loaded up with things no one wants to read about. Twitter on the other hand isn't for reading really...ya know what I mean.

Anyway - I would suggest you subscribe to sites using Twitter!

The only deal I have had time to take advantage of earlier this week was at Meijer. I had a few Catalinas to cash in...translation - Meijer bucks - so thought I'd grab a few things. Among them I bought a 40 count box of Bagel Bites that were finally on sale and I used a $2.50 off coupon from the "All You" magazine I just purchased. Besides fresh produce, I only purchased sale items that I had additional coupons for.

I saved over $20.00 and got $6.00 worth of catalinas without even trying! If I get to go back out later this week I'll fill you in! Happy savings!

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