Saturday, February 6, 2010


I LOVE bad weather when I'm home! When I have to go out later I won't be so happy I guess, but, when I'm home life is simple.

We didn't get anything with this storm compared to other areas of the country, just enough to keep us off the roads for a while today. But, what the storm did do by limiting our choices for one day is it gave me the gift of simplicity.

I sorted through stuff, washed clothes and made homemade potato soup sprinkled with bacon and cheese.

I talked to my dad who told me he just stuck his cane out of his window and pulled a bird feeder toward him in order to refill it, and was now watching the thankful birds eat! Can't you just see a cane drawing an empty bird feeder into a window? Simplicity - focus on details - enjoyment of little seemingly insignificant life stuff.

A sabbath of sorts. A 8 inch deep, cold, beautifully white simplicity!

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