Monday, February 8, 2010

weekend report

Interesting weekend! Our Saturday night service was canceled - we were under a level 2 storm warning both last night as well as this morning. But, we just had to have church! So we all got together this morning for 2 services and it was great!

Our Setlist:

Beat It - Jackson (we had video of people around our ministry trying to moon walk- just wanted to have some fun. Even some of the older crowd told me they could hardly stay in their seats when the band played it!)
Announcements: Our youth guy Jesse Rider took care of announcements
Praise: My Savior Lives - New Life
Worship: Hungry - shortened
Worship: Lead Me To The Cross - Chris and Conrad
Message: Ephesians Pt. 4 - Senior Pastor Tim Armstrong
Financial Update: Wendel Anderson
Exit Instrumental: Lead Me To The Cross

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Harold Forbis said...

When you have church in a snowstorm when you don't have to is about as appropriate a time for "Beat It" as I can think of! Sounds like great weekend.

Michael J Mahoney said...

"Beat It." That is absolutely awesome!