Friday, February 19, 2010

our speak

How do you speak? Are you sarcastic, rude, loud, crude?

Some of my friends went out tonight to eat and were discussing Pastor Tim's Ephesians series and specifically his teaching on little white lies (there is no such thing) and sarcasm, how we speak.

We discussed how difficult it is to just talk without entering into talk unacceptable for a Christ follower. Not in horrible foul language or anything that extreme, but just sarcastic teasing or slighting embellishing the truth.

I highly doubt if there is anyone who likes to tease and taunt as much as I do! So to take a step away from this and really examine the way I speak is daunting and quite a challenge. There is nothing I won't attempt for the Lord - so here I go...if my speech can be more pleasing to Him then I will try my very best with His help to change!

Do you have trouble with exaggeration or stretching the truth? Do you think the way your speak is pleasing to the Lord?

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