Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Wednesday is a day I have been looking forward to. I was blown away as I stepped from my door and saw a beautiful new blanket of snow. The difference this time was birds were singing at the top of their lungs (do birds have lungs?) and there was a sense of change in the air - anticipation. Hope for spring - and a promise from God's birds that it is not far away!

The anticipation (or dread) for our staff will end today as well! We are doing a staff 'late' valentine exchange/valentine box competition today at Crossroads. Although the planning team has endured quite a bit of teasing because of how corny this event is, today I watched as all the staff walked around looking at everyone's boxes as they dropped valentines into each box.

So... surrounded by criticism we pushed on...we now have turned the corner and the notes describing what they appreciate about one another will soon be opened during lunch together.

Sometimes it takes a corny, relaxed setting to bring out thankfulness and fun! (the last picture shows the homemade frames leftover from the Children's ministry - that will frame the smiling faces of our amazing staff by each place setting!)

Have you done anything at your place of business that ended up being a powerful or fun event for everyone? I would love new ideas!

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