Tuesday, December 1, 2009

what I learned today

Chris from our worship team recently said to me, "isn't it funny how God chooses to use us in the areas of our weakness?"

I was blessed this weekend when one of our team members told me that he experienced compliments based on his application of something I taught in one of the trainings I lead recently. That was one of the most shocking things anyone has ever said to me. I trained out of obedience, although I did agree there was a need for what I taught.

My surprise is not false humility - it is a lack of ability. You see, an area of great weakness is my ability to stand in front of a group and teach or even talk coherently for that matter! I marvel at my friends who can communicate so well. I am not jealous of them because I know God has gifted me in other ways, it is a talent He chose not to give to me. Maybe He knew being an upfront face would cause arrogance in me.

At any rate, what I learned this weekend and still thanked Him for today, was that God can use our weakest areas if we offer them to Him in obedience.

(PS I am not looking for compliments and will not post them...but, thanks.)

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