Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my day off


That sums up my day! I sat on the couch, laid on the couch and sewed on the couch!

It is always curious how long you can keep moving - but the moment you stop - you realize just how tired you truly are! Today I discovered this and took full advantage of doing little to nothing!

Running the dishwasher was one of the most strenuous things!

Do you ever wonder if you are ever at your very best - ready to accomplish what God intends? I often wonder how many amazing opportunities I've missed because I am too tired, distracted or focused on trivial things...

I want to follow Him into 2010 confident that I am ready to experience things that can only be explained by the fact that He is the forever almighty all knowing God! I better get rested up!


Steve Browning said...

It's about time! I always say you do too much and need to slow down once in awhile.

Lori Biddle said...

Look who is talking!