Monday, December 21, 2009

a mixture of emotion

My daughter officially grew up today.

She called bright and early this morning and announced she just got engaged!

That filled me with quite a mixture of emotions.

Thrilled for her of course! (Aaron is amazing!) but...

Sad her childhood went so quickly.

Excited that her engagement was so carefully planned out and special. One of a kind ring, and spectacular timing!

Thankful that her future husband loves her and the Lord so much!

Sad that holidays will have to be a choice between 2 families from now on. (I am selfish!)

But willing to share her because Aaron's family loves her so much too...

We are proud of our daughter, thankful she is so happy, and excited about the future. We will wait to see where God takes them as a couple and what amazing opportunities He gives them ! Today was a wonderful mixture of emotion, an ending to childhood and the beginning of an exciting future!

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Vigilius said...

Congratulations! A new chapter for you too...