Saturday, December 12, 2009

in regard to trials

No one likes to walk through a dark time, through trouble, through trials. I would always choose comfort - I'm human!

I was reading about Paul today - perhaps the most ironic bio in the Bible. God used the very man that persecuted and scattered believers, to later spread the gospel himself. Reading in Acts I was struck again by the fact it was the religious leaders who were furious with the teaching of salvation.

You always assume it's the bad guys that persecute. Not so, the RELIGIOUS leaders were right in there stirring things up- forbidding the gospel to be taught even at the temples!

You see, they had to do everything within their power to shut the Christians mouths up - because I think they were beginning to believe themselves that this Christ may indeed have been the long awaited Savior. The very savior they taught about themselves! They had made the ultimate mistake of all time - killing their own Messiah.

I wonder how much time we spend trying to cover up the fact that we may have been wrong about something. Why is it so hard, so embarrassing to admit it when we make a mistake?

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