Thursday, December 3, 2009

planning Christmas

I have no Christmas decorations up yet - although the Christmas cards are all out. But I've been thinking a lot about God's gift to us - his son - a baby who was sent to become our Savior. Amazing!

I decided to share a writing that I wrote recently that is going to be used on another website - it describes the emotions connected to creating services especially during this time of the year. It was written to encourage others who create or are involved in Christmas services.

The Call to Create Christmas

Christmas evokes a large variety of emotions.

Love, excitement, stress, wonder, pressure to create something spectacular, as well as great anticipation. These are just a few of the emotions I experience each and every year as I begin to develop Christmas services.

I look forward to it and dread it sometimes simultaneously.

Then I remember. I remember the wonder of his coming. God revealing His plan that Mary would conceive and bring forth God's son and call Him Emmanuel. I once again marvel that this young woman believed and accepted this extraordinary responsibility.

Why God has trusted me to create services that introduce Christ to people seeking Him is something I will never fully comprehend. It is the greatest privilege and greatest responsibility of my life outside of my family. My desire is to show our congregation just a glimpse of His glory in the midst of economic uncertainty and earthly struggle. This may be our greatest opportunity in many years.

And so I begin with a prayer that sounds more like pleading for His direction. "Please show me how to reveal your son to these people, I cannot do this alone. Use me Father...I'll do anything you ask of me to reach them..."

I remember standing at the back of the auditorium during the first Christmas service I helped to create 13 years ago. I stood in front of the sound booth and cried. His Spirit was there and His presence filled the room that night. That is when I knew that this is what I wanted to do the rest of my life. To be used to reveal the marvelous mysteries of Christ's coming is a privilege I will never take for granted.

This year approach the call to create Christmas as if it were your very first time...full of amazement and wonder. We have been called to carry His message to a broken world. May God richly bless you and your team, and fill your services with His presence!

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