Tuesday, December 22, 2009

an exciting evening

We will prepare all the final details for Christmas Eve tonight, I am always anxious to see all the details of everyone's work come together live, instead of on paper.

God gives each of His children talents and gifts that he asks us to use to serve Him. Tonight we get to see many people's talents come together in unison to worship this God who sent His son.

Last night at the Willow Creek service Bill Hybels said, "God wants to have a relationship with us so much that He sent his son - to become like us and the relationship He desires is that of a Father with His child. Just as 'good' earthly fathers will do anything to have a relationship with their children God desired us SO much that He would give up His son to reach us." Amazing!

So we go into tonight's rehearsals knowing we bare great responsibility to communicate this message of salvation well, to present the sacrifice of God giving His son strongly and to give a desperate community the hope that can only come through relationship with Him.

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