Saturday, December 26, 2009

back on line

I disconnected for a couple of days - hope you missed me!

We spent the whole day with my family after opening gifts at our home, since my hubby's family was away this Christmas. Eric surprised me with an original painting and as you can see the kids both got Snuggies!

We had so much fun - and laughed so hard that we almost cried. Wii had a big part to do with that I guess. Even my parents played tennis!

My dad finally had enough of the gaiety and took a little nap (there is some advantage to being hard of hearing I guess!)

Everyone grew weary from all the eating combined with the game playing. We decided as dad snoozed in his chair - it was time to call it a day and we took off. (We can take a hint! ha ha)

My sister asked us today at the dinner table what we were thankful for this year, and at the top of everyone's list was our family. Working in ministry and hearing people's stories, makes me so aware of the struggles families have with one another.

Although we are far from perfect, we love each other deeply and try very hard to make our time together memorable. And it was! Merry Christmas everyone!

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