Tuesday, September 29, 2009

what I learned today

I was reading in Acts and reading a chapter in a Beth Moore book where she mentioned something I never thought about before.

Peter and John were followers of Jesus and they continued in their Jewish practices even after Jesus fulfilled all the prophecy's and became Messiah. Their Jewish rituals became alive - not just practices that represented something else. They no longer had to follow the letter of the law but they continued to. Jesus allowed them to continue enjoying their Jewish heritage - but it had nothing to do with their eternity that was determined by Christ's sacrifice.

My first thought was man, I would have quit going to the Jewish rituals immediately and enjoyed my new found freedom in Christ! But I also love traditions.

We all have traditions and a past. Good or bad. It is what made us who we are. It ultimately made us so desperate as to realize we had nothing without God, or led us toward Him with parents or friends that were Godly influences. Either way He called us and either way we now are known to Him as sons or daughters .

Have you ever done something over and over, year in and year out just because that's the way it's always been done? I can only imagine how excited the disciples had to be as they saw Jesus take the place of all those rituals they had participated in since childhood! How cool!

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