Thursday, September 24, 2009

budget time again

My least favorite time of the year...I have to attend my first go 'round of budgeting tomorrow. This has a tendency to make me not look forward to work!

It is going to be a tough year again. This makes things difficult. But, it is a great opportunity to once again be creative in our planning.

How do you face things you don't enjoy? If you are in any area of leadership, you realize there are many tough things we must do that are not enjoyable! I guess it's an opportunity to demonstrate strong encourage the teams, to get really creative in order to continue to raise the bar on excellence - even if it means another year of really worn out equipment.

I take this time of the year very seriously and know my responsibility to follow God's direction for our ministry requires me to prepare well, try not to leave out any details and look forward to the new year determined to move the mission forward! A big responsibility that can translate into many lives changed for eternity! What a privilege!

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