Tuesday, September 15, 2009

my day off

  • errands: dry cleaners, post office, worked out
  • reading: small amount
  • ebaying: listed all used textbooks that have been laying around forever (2 hours!)
  • family time: ate with my parents, and attended a college soccer game with them
Anything of eternal significance?

Not much really...so, does this means I wasted a day of my life?

What do you think?


Steve Browning said...

Wasted a day? Did you accomplish things that needed to be done? Does God expect you to only accomplish things that are for ministry? Life needs to happen too!

Wendell said...

So lets see.. maybe not a 'pure' Sabbath, whatever that is... but a restful day, taking care of your mind, body & soul. Hmmmmm, I don't think wasteful. Is it spiritual that we be refreshed? Refreshed mind, body & soul? 3 John 2