Tuesday, September 22, 2009

what I learned today

I was reading this morning about one ladies journey into mentoring younger women. Very timely because this just keeps coming back to me through conversations, requests, suggested meetings, etc.

Young women need older women - and I am one. (Older woman that is).

So, what could I possible know that they need to know, what more could I possibly commit to?

Not sure yet, but I have a plan beginning to form that will invest in at least a small group of women in my life. I'll just lay my willingness out there and see where God takes it and directs it I guess.

We see many examples of people in the Bible teaching and training and mentoring others, so it appears this is not optional. We must invest in the next generation.

Possibly the thing I am the most jazzed about is a couple of the girls I have my eyes on, could take the areas of our ministry to much higher places of quality than I have been able to do. Seriously, they offer gifts and skills and education far beyond my own and I cannot wait to see how God will use them in their families, ministry and communities! We should never be threatened by someone being better at something than we are, we should instead set that as our goal and go after it!

So...if the Bible talks about mentoring constantly, who are you building into? Your own kids don't count! Although, they of course must take first place time wise.

I'm talking about a once a month lunch or coffee, not hours and hours..So who??

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