Friday, September 4, 2009

my family

Lunch with our son before his band was off to play again, was a blessing that comes less and less often these days. We treasure any time we get to be with him! And, he LOVES his grandparents, so we somehow got everyone together for a last minute early-afternoon lunch today! So fun!!

We enjoyed the rest of our afternoon and then later another great thing happened...

My husband cooked me dinner and served it on the deck overlooking his newly mowed lawn...possibly my favorite place in the world! Not too many more evenings to sit outside! It is a blessed evening when you can sit with someone you love and enjoy the great taste of a meal full of the offerings of summer, and also take in the beauty not only of nature but of peace.

I drink deeply of this peace when it comes.

All week we have gotten calls of friends' lost loved ones to illness, lost relationships and wayward children. When peace comes we value it highly and thank our God for the moments...

a taste of heaven for sure! Enjoy one another on this long Labor Day weekend!

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