Sunday, September 27, 2009

weekend report

Conclusion to the ReKindle series...

It's always interesting to see all the things going on behind the scenes during services.

Today I was putting the finishing touches minutes before the countdown hit 0 - on a Video Concept that I wanted to use in a couple of weekends with one of our artists writing/drawing out the pre-service announcements. As I handed that off our Tech Coordinator got the camera rolling so the artist could work while we got the service started...that will be interesting to see later today! I try to use people that I need projects from while they are at church so they don't have to make a nother trip in.

You would think organizing an 8 person dining room table - fully set - would be easy to put together for our Pastor's set support used to challenge our congregation to be a Table Setter instead of a consumer within our ministry. It was a concept he decided on 2 days before the weekend - lucky for me we have a family that owns a Norwalk Furniture store who delivered a table to us. I organized the dishes and everything that was needed - only to struggle recruiting 3 or 4 Stage Hands to dress in black and carry everything out! Simple request=major scramble.

But, it was worth it -it was such a great visual...

Our SetList:

Takin' It To The Streets - Doobie Brothers

Welcome/Announcements - Wendell Anderson - Stewardship Pastor

Praise - Beautiful Day - Tommy Walker
Praise - Everyday
Scripture -
Worship - You Alone
Worship - Jesus Lover Of My Soul - Hillsong

Message: ReKindle Pt. 3 -
Rekindling the Sacrifice - Tim Armstrong

Closing Song - Breakthrough - Tommy Walker

If you would like to see what other Worship teams did this weekend click on Fred

To watch our service on line go to

May God richly bless all of your weekend offerings of praise this weekend.


danieljohn said...

Lori -

I have been thinking of adding some scripture readings to our worship times lately, and I'm just curious what verse(s) you did in your setlist?

Lori Biddle said...

Our server is down at church right now, so I cannot access my notes on the service right now.

I was trying to create a transition into "You Alone", so I found one verse in Revelation that contained that verse and then used a portion of Psalms 86 that also contained the words 'you alone'...worked well.

I always go to the online version of the ESV Bible -

I just enter key words and read the passages to see what passage is the best fit for what I'm trying to do.

I also sometimes just use the passage that best supports the pastor's teaching, and occassionally a responsive reading. Easy to mix it up and a great way to involve the congregation! Let me know!

Matthew Starner said...

Great songs - I haven't used many Tommy Walker songs in recent years - maybe it's time I check his stuff out again! Thanks for sharing your list!