Wednesday, September 9, 2009

sharing over lunch

I got invited to lunch to day by a lady that wanted to pick my brain about programming. She feels God wants her to help lead her ministry toward a more programmed way of planning services.

As we sat down to lunch I had no idea where we would begin - so much to discuss. As we began to talk, the she began to cry. She kept apologizing and couldn't understand why she reacted this way.

I understood why there were tears. It is lonely doing what we do. This ministry thing.

We have friends, we have co-workers, we have family, still it's lonely. After talking for a while I think my new friend hit it on the head, she said "it's lonely because you are called and those who aren't don't understand the burden of the calling. " She said, "those who serve and volunteer work hard and we couldn't do it without them, but they don't have the passion and drive that comes with a calling." She understood the hours that are actually worked, and the problem with rarely disconnecting from the work.

It isn't just work - it's our life because we are called.

This is the same in every believer's life. God didn't just randomly create us, He created each one of us to fulfill our calling. He talented us to do it and He gave us everything we need to fulfill it. It is a choice. Whether it's in a factory, retail or in ministry we are all called.

I made a new friend today, a kindred spirit! And the funny thing was although I went primarily to help her, she helped me just as much, or maybe more!

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Perky Gramma Teaches said...

One of my favorite moments was listening to one of our sound guys talk about how people ask him wahy he 'has' to serve so often, his reply, with tears in his eyes was "No, I 'get' to serve"...
...I pray for called people all the time...
and He is starting to answer...