Friday, September 11, 2009

next week's opportunities

I have begun to look around to see what God would have us do for Christmas this year at Crossroads. I found one beautiful new song that may serve as a key piece this year. But beyond that, just in the beginning stages of research, but...

What I get to participate next week is nothing short of miraculous!

I will be attending the WillowCreek Brown Bag event where creative leaders and worship leaders from the Chicago area will be coming together to brainstorm and discuss their concepts for thankfulness to Willow and to the Lord for creating such opportunities is nearly indescribable!

I then have the further privilege of sitting in on an additional meeting with one of the Creative Team's from Willow...I might faint! How did this happen?

God is stretching me.

Along with great anticipation comes some hesitation that I may be stepping into something way out of my league, but I am available to His leading. And I rest in the fact that God cares deeply about everything I do. He cares about what I invest my life in. This opportunity I pray will be just that, an investment in becoming a stronger more creative leader at Crossroads. Please pray for me!

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