Saturday, September 26, 2009


Excellence can be obtained if you:

- care more than others think is wise;
- risk more than others think is safe;
- dream more than others think is practical;
- expect more than others think is possible.

I found this on a blog I was reading and I thought it was an great way to think about achieving excellence. When you lead a volunteer team, it is a very precarious tightrope you walk.

It is a constant struggle worrying about requiring too much and not requiring enough.

Early in Crossroads history I did not require enough, I have talked about the mistakes I made in earlier posts so I wont' go back into the nasty details.

But, I write this to encourage any of you who lead people - they will rise to the level of excellence your require. They seem to be waiting for the challenge.

I hold back my ask many times knowing how hard people work all week long - but the chance to participate in producing excellence with eternal purpose gives them far more personal accomplishment than some of their daytime jobs do. This is NOT to suggest that only ministry related work counts for eternity - of course I am not implying that! It just will never stop moving me to see the dedication that our volunteers bring to the challenge of serving one another within the context of church.

So, I encourage all of you aim ridiculously high. And if you are getting 'no' from people you need excellence from - then you are obviously asking the wrong person. Move on - don't compromise!

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