Friday, June 5, 2009

The Woman

I am very excited to post this music video! This is a video created downtown Mansfield to go with a song that my daughter Jocelyn wrote last year called "The Woman".

The song is based on the story of the woman in the Bible that was sick with a bleeding disorder for 12 years. In her desperation she decides her only hope is Jesus. So in a throng of pushing, pulling desperate people she followed Him until the time was right. And as many, many others pushed to be near Him she crawled through the dirt, stuck her hand through the crowd and touched the hem of Jesus garment.

Immediately she was healed! She was moved from the darkness of despair to healing with just a touch!

Jesus stopped dead in His tracks and asked, who touched me? For despite the closeness of the crowd He felt the power leave Him...and without seeing her He knew. She believed and she was healed.
This is just one of the songs that Jocelyn and Olivia will include in their Sing for Company CD release show this Sunday night. Enjoy!

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