Saturday, June 13, 2009

a night to remember

God reveled something to me recently, seriously! As a mom I have struggled with differences in what my kids like and what I like. That's really what it comes down to most of the time, not theological differences, not disobedience, not rebellion just a different generation. A new genre of music. New ways of communicating. This is a generation we cannot reach without the insight this age group can give us.

One of the most obvious difference is in our tastes in music just as it was in our generation and our parents. Last night I gained new respect for the Christian Hard Core/Metal music our son plays. I have always really liked his band, but have never stayed for an entire event once he is done playing. Last night as the evening progressed I witnessed first hand, life change.

We hosted a music festival with 7 bands including a rapper at our house last night complete with stage, refreshments, porta pot and band merchandise. As dark fell on our field a young man walked to the refreshment table and asked if we were "the moms" of the last band that had played. We were. He went on to describe the affect their music has had on his life ultimately leading him to salvation.

I stood there stunned...

I asked him if he had ever spoken to Eric about this and when he said no, I asked if I could take him to meet Eric who had just finished playing his set. As I searched for my son in the crowd, I saw a group off to the side of the stage praying, there was Eric with his arms wrapped around another young man who was asking for prayer...possibly accepting Christ. Stunned again...

They are Christ to a generation and within a genre of music I could never reach.

I write this encouraging all of us to look past the outside package, see what is in your kids hearts, do they personally love the Lord? If they are respectful and connected to loved ones, showing a desire to grow in Christ, then I encourage you to empower them to explore, to create, to reach out in their own way. Then step back and be amazed - God is the God of this generation and my heart if full of Praise to Him for raising up Christian kids brave enough to be different. I have spent a great deal of my life being scared and worried about upsetting the status quo, so I deeply respect the confidence it takes to be different.

Except in cases of actual sin, I will not try to influence them to change, but, bless them to continue in the discovery of how their unique talents and gifts will shape their lives to reach their generation for God.

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