Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2 hole punch

I am truly not sure if my hand was ever separated from my two hole punch today.

This is due to finally having a whole day to catch up. When I know I don't have time to properly organize and finish everything, I let it sit on email or wherever it is instead of printing it off and filing, or taking the action needed. Today I needed to regroup and as I sit at 11:30 tonight, I just punched my last paper. Crazy!

This is a good illustration on what happens with life in general. We put things off, we wait until we have to perform a task that we do not particularly enjoy. This just makes things worse.

This is particularly true concerning things in our lives that should be dealt with quickly. Not allowed to accumulate. When problems or problem relationships are ignored they become very messy, they become more unorganized and they get much worse in every way. Misunderstandings, unwillingness to forgive, and any issue unresolved is not good. It turns into a huge pile.

I encourage you to look at your desk, your office, your home and your relationships. What is accumulating that could be dealt with, finished and put away? Do it, deal with it, punch it like a hole punch does and attach it were it belongs... or you may become completely buried and unable to spend your time as God has intended!

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