Wednesday, June 3, 2009

overwhelming responsibilty

Occasionally as I walk around the auditorium and look over the sea of people, I become overwhelmed with the responsibility of ministry. As I walk by each person I wonder what they have faced the past week. What brings them to church...

I am responsible for what they experience, I take it very personally.

Sometimes I feel like I have totally brought my best, sometimes I don't feel completely prepared. In the moments I walk around I wonder if they can tell how well I've prepared, how much I've committed the preparation to God. This is weighty and this is important.

God of course is not in my feelings of being overwhelmed, being totally surrendered means resting in Him, convinced of my calling.

I love our congregation, I sometimes wish i could see our ministry through their eyes. Through eyes that come ready to receive hope and care and teaching that will change them forever.

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