Monday, June 15, 2009

my day off

Coupons everywhere! Oh my goodness my girl friends are doing great things with coupons, so of course I have to be involved too!

I'm not very good at it...

I see the glory adds, $145.00 worth of groceries for $37.99...HOW??? I want to save money, I really, really do! Michelle, Stephanie, Penny and Maureen seem to breeze right through coupon-ing with spectacular results. I am very competitive and I am determined to master this!!

Determined to succeed I surrounded myself with coupons today. The were all still inside newspapers, which were still inside grocery bags, which were all still inside the closet...well, I had good intentions. So I pulled everything out, cut everything out, spread it all over the place and tried, really tried to organize them. I think I had 500 at least.

I went to Meijer and bought $17.95 worth for 7.50...sort of good...I tried!. The best news was, I ONLY bought sale items that I had coupons for, very disiplined! (First time for everything)

Ater returning home with my prizes I began to realize that the hours I invested to save 10 bucks probably cost me $75.00 worth of time. Oh well, I'll get it figured out as soon as possible, but, for now...back to the closet with the coupons hopefully remembering to get back to it before they all expire.

PS Let me know if you have any coupon secrets!

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