Friday, June 19, 2009

love even when hurt

It always surprises me when I read scripture that I've read before and something jumps out that I have never noticed. I was reading today in John 13 where Jesus talks about showing the disciples "the full extent of his love". I don't remember really noticing this before.

Jesus included even Judas in the Last Supper, although he knew he would betray him. As Jesus prepared to "show the full extent of his love", he knelt to wash the disciples feet, the same disciples that would soon betray him, turn their backs on him and walk away when he needed them most.

He told them to love others as He loves them. How could this be possible, as much as He loved them?? - that's a lot more than I could ever be capable of loving.

I have trouble loving people that hurt me. But, that's what Christ told us to do. He knew bitterness and unforgiveness would destroy me, so I must forgive to love like Jesus commanded.

This was the final portion of my study today: Jesus doesn't call us to cautious neutrality with those who've hurt us; he calls us to radically love those who've hurt us and those who'll hurt us in the future.

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