Tuesday, June 16, 2009

what I learned today

I found this excerpt in a book I'm reading by Gordon McKenzie formerly with Hallmark. The excerpt is taken from an old comic in a newspaper...

Garfield, leaping, Rambo-like, through the open door of a pet shop, announces himself: "Freedom Fighter"!

He charges through the shop, flinging open the cages of the confined pets, proclaiming:
"You're Free! You're Free!"

But, instead of rejoicing in this sudden gift of liberation, the cats and dogs and birds all remain in their open cages, int
imitated by the unknown possibilities ..

Have you ever felt like this? Intimidated by unknown possibilities? I have, but I am working really hard to get over it!

I ask more often then I used to.

The old phrase "the worst they can do is say no" is SO true! And most of the time, if what you ask is well thought out, and if you are prepared to take care of the details, they will say yes.

I have joked with my friends many times about how much scares and intimidates me. I grew up in a household with hard working parents that didn't ask anyone for anything unless it was absolutely necessary, so I get it honestly! What I realize now is how many opportunities I have let slip away because of being scared as well as being too stubborn to ask for what I wanted.
There definitely is a security in the ordinary. It takes no explanation, no thought really, but how sad to spend our lives there.

The challenge of creating can be both paralyzing and exhilarating depending on the reason for which you create. If you've committed the decisions of your life and creativeness to Christ, then there is no reason to fear freedom or opportunity! God promises lives full of the extraordinary, in fact a God affected life is
our only hope of experiencing the extraordinary this side of heaven.

What I learned today is when God released me from the cage of eternal bondage - I wasted a lot of time reluctant to venture out into His possibilities...no more

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