Tuesday, June 30, 2009

what I learned today

I am reading a new book called Imagine That, and one thing that I had never considered before was a question he asked - " was Jesus artistic"?

He went on to say that Joseph, Jesus' earthly dad was not only a righteous man, (Matthew 1:19), but also a carpenter. Today's concept of carpenter is most often a home builder, but a more correct concept is that he was a craftsman. This kind of craft took years of training to master. And the custom was that fathers teach sons. So Jesus would most likely have known this craft from an early age.

I just never think of Jesus in such a common way. If he did indeed learn Joseph's trade, he was creative as well as a hard worker. To think he really was raised within the context of a family, taught regular things. Yet He was God. How amazing that his heavenly father would choose this way to raise a Savior! God is so gracious with His love for us...I cannot imagine in my wildest dreams watching my son go through the trials and humiliation that Jesus endured.

I spent time today thanking God for the gift of His son...though he walked the earth as we do, He was God. Amazing!!

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