Monday, June 8, 2009

my day off

On my day off I am recovering from last night. We were unexpected hosts for a mini music festival last night. Our daughter's CD release show was scheduled for CD Jungle in Mansfield, but plans fell through at the last minute, so we hosted!

Phone calls were made, texts were sent, MySpace was updated and we hustled to set up sound and everything they needed. This is some video I shot of Sing For Company (our daughter's band) and The La De Les, band from Michigan. It was the first time I've used this camera, so a little jiggly, but you get the idea!

The show wasn't too bad for last minute put together...sound issues a few times, but, I think you can hear the girls. They amaze me, they sing and lay live tracks on Joci's loop pedal vocally and instrumentally, then sing over them - sounds like a whole choir at times! They even back mask, remember when groups used to use that technique with hidden messages? Now, I'm showing my age! Enjoy.

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