Sunday, June 14, 2009

weekend report


Oh my goodness, Saturday night's service had more mistakes than any in recent history! I even had one actor that said as she walked in Saturday night she felt oppressed, so I don't know if the enemy was just messing with us, if we were all unfocused or not prayed up...but, wow every technical area had problems. The good news is, everyone improved tremendously by Sunday! Just one of those weekends I guess.

The setlist:

Instrumental: Hip Hop Rock - David Maxwell


Praise: Now That You're Near
Praise: Sing, Sing, Sing
Worship: How Great Is Our God
Praise: One Way

Drama: Lord, Lord onetimeblind (I love this group's videos! We performed it live.)

Message: UnSurrender; Beautiful Fight (the message rocked!!!)

Walk Out song: How Great Is Our God

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To watch our services go the on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

great set list. love the video and doing it live was very cool i'm sure!