Sunday, June 21, 2009

weekend review

What a great Father's Day!

We incorporated several families into our program this weekend to carry through the Father's Day theme! And they really delivered.

The Sgambellone family was up first with an original song. This gives me so much hope for the next generation to take over the ministry! We then had our Announcement guy Bill bring his 3 boys to the stage. Tremendous job - great voices ! So much fun!

Here is our setlist for the weekend.

We started with a great video countdown we purchased called "It's Great to Be a Guy" our audience laughed like crazy! This was a purchase from Sermonspice.

Next the Sgambellone family performed an original song and got a standing ovation every single service. We dismissed at the end and people still stayed seated to watch them play their exit song. Really cool!

Praise: Everybody This Lincoln Brewster song was led by Cody Roland - an amazing leader!
Praise: Majestic
Praise: Today
worship: Stay Amazed

Video: Father's Day Confession Another great video purchase, perfect transition into a great message about Fathers and sons.

Message: The Impact of a Father; Pt 1

exit song: Sgambellone's

Please check out Fred McKinnon's site where worship leaders from all over America post the songs they used this weekend in worship!

Also -
stay tuned this week as I blog live from Saddleback in California!

You can watch our services at Crossroads Community Church, beginning Monday by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

I like that you included families in your service today. We don't do that enough!

Anonymous said...

How cute is that!?! Love the pics of the little guy playing guitar.

Me... said...

Ah! What a cool idea! I love that!

Anonymous said...

Great set! Today is such a declarative song - we've done it many times! Blessings! (praying for a wonderful time at the Saddleback conf!)