Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What I learned today

I learned that leaving your youngest child at college is a mixed bag of emotions. I expected to be completely a mess, but her excitement was contagious.

Our colleague and friends, Mary Kay and Mark Pierce are also experiencing empty nest. Their experience dropping their final daughter off at Cedarville was incredible. Both from amazing programing created for parents of Freshman, as well as the entire Freshman student body arriving at the same time.

Our experience was different. Although IWU has a full weekend planned for the parents of Freshman, our daughter had to come early due to an editing position. So, we simply moved her in, hung out all day and headed home.

I think the lack of complete devastation is due in part to the fact that I know we get to come back on SundayMonday with our son. He attends the same college. It will be so exciting to see her again after she has been on her own for a week. She will have completed her Newspaper orientation and will be full of stories and information relating to her job. But most
I would guess, stories about her new friends. I cannot wait!

We have fully participated in our daughter's life. We have attended everything she has ever participated in, no small task, as well as filling our home with her friends. We have taught her the Word of God both verbally and hopefully by our lifestyle. We now release her to fulfill whatever God created her to accomplish. It will be one of the most exciting chapters of her life!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm just impressed that you were able to get this post up even before you left IWU campus. Now THAT'S dedication! Seriously, I know today was tough. But I've watched you with your children. They are lucky to have you and Ron as their parents. Joci will thrive now in her new independence because of all that you have done as a mom in her life. Remember, if you ever want to cry over being an empty nester, come over to my office. The door is always open. On the other hand, if you'd like to celebrate, bring Ron and Mary Kay and I will celebrate with you both this new independence we've discovered... from our children! I'm one week ahead of you and I can attest... it's not so bad!