Wednesday, August 13, 2008

riding the curve

Ok, so I'm 50 and trying to keep up. I decided I am going to try really hard to learn one new thing each Tuesday. I oversee the Tech areas of our church and Pastor Tim has always assured me I don't have to know how to do everything myself. That is the reason we have two young tech guys. (see one of my tech guys blogs) But recently I have felt more than ever a growing chasm between myself and the tech guys conversationally.

I smile politely and try to join in their enthusiastic 'geek' talk, but find I'm just embarrassing myself half the time. So, armed with the latest tech/ministry magazines I am setting off to investigate the latest tech stuff (and other things ministry related). One of my favorite retired volunteers recently asked me, "please give me something to do during the week, I need to think to stay alert and connected. When I stay at home I get confused and bored and stop thinking." This of course was music to my ears - give me something to do, gladly! But it is true, we were created with brains that need to be stretched.

I would love to be ahead of the curve instead of simply rinding the curve. I need to educate myself enough to have an understanding about the newest creative technology and oportunites for our ministry. I would appreciate any information on websites or other connections any of you may have that keep you current.

Join me each Tuesday as I report on One New Thing I Learned Today.

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Anonymous said...

hey...did ya get some extra hits from the plug from the stage tonight?

You and your team did a great job on the Ministry Moment.