Monday, August 25, 2008

Crazy Day Off

My day off report this week is crazy! Not relaxing, enjoying my family this week.

I began by carrying all my daughter's college bound gear down the the dinning room, our staging area. Wait until you see how much she is taking when I take pictures tomorrow.

Next I visited a friend's daughter in the hospital.

Followed by an amazing massage. (Ok so my day off wasn't that bad!)

I then went to 5 stores looking for a duvet cover for my daughter's college bed. Ok, so can I just rant for a moment? Every store in America sells down comforters, you know the plain white ones. So then, why would every store in America NOT sell the duvet covers that you have to put on them? I went to 7 stores in search of a duvet (counting 2 on a previous day), and only 2 stores had 1 duvet cover each. Crazy!

I then came back home for a short time because my parents were delivering treats for our kids to both take to college.

My husband and I then went to a Special Olympics softball game. Talk about pure unadulterated joy! I am blessed every time I am around these amazing people.

We finished our evening with a bowl of soup at Bob Evans and are now on our computers, side by side trying to finish work before heading to drop our baby off at college at 6:00 a.m.

Thank you for listening to my rantings. Tomorrow I'll be crying, missing my girl.

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