Sunday, August 17, 2008

weekend changes

Even the best laid plans don't always guarantee success!

You may have watched our live programming broadcast on Thursday. If so you may also realize that what we planned didn't happen.

As we always do we met after the Saturday night service to discuss what worked and what didn't. A lot didn't! Pastor Tim just didn't feel like the flow worked, both in the praise music as well as his message.

We decided as a team to eliminate a song completely and moved the order of music around. It was a huge improvement, our pastor was dead on!

Don't be afraid of last minute changes, the key of course is to clearly communicate with all the volunteers involved. It takes leadership, vision casting, if you will to communicate the reason for last minute changes. After all the team has invested time learning the song that you just cut, so never make cuts without taking time to explain why. And to thank them for being flexible.

Never, never settle for OK, push forward always to give your very best to the Lord. The rewards are forever!

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