Monday, August 11, 2008

My day off

I am going to try to write each week on my day off. I think I will make my day off entries more personal. Hopefully they will give you a peak at who I am and things I care deeply about outside of ministry.

This morning I went to my home town of Ashland, Ohio to meet with my sister. She is also in full time ministry. She is the administrative assistant to her Senior Pastor. I am blessed to have a sister to confide in, who understands the pressure, confidences and delights of ministry. Our mission was to take some current pictures of our father to use in a Birthday newspaper add.

My dad is turning 80 years old next week and is still working as a barber! We wanted the pictures to represent his current life as opposed to using a picture from his younger days.

My dad is one of the hardest working, most honest and Godly men I have every known. My sister and I had no choice but to dedicate our lives to the Lord's work based on the example our parents are to us. They have served in every possible volunteer position in the church.

My dad has been a barber for 53 years and my parents will celebrated their 51st anniversary this year! God is good!!

I remember as a young girl being at church almost every day of the week. We were either cleaning as a family, or mowing as a family or taking meals to someone in need. Despite some ugly business meetings and a couple of pastors being asked to leave, my memories of church growing up are good memories. We were there together, whether it was good or bad!

Our childhood definately shapes who we are. I am more thankful than I could possibly say to my parents for not just giving lip service to Christianity, but living it out each and every day.

Happy 80th birthday dad! I love you!! I had a really good day off!

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