Saturday, August 30, 2008

Empty Nest

It happened today. Our son just left for college. Both previous years we took him and helped him move in. This year we decided to wait a couple days when we could spend a whole day on campus, instead of driving both ways in one day. We will make a run out to Indiana with all the things our son and daughter still need for their rooms next week. I'll post pictures from his room when we get there.

We met my mother-in-law for breakfast and then sent him on his way. I feel quite proud of his independence. He commented, "It might be kind of nice to have fewer people trying to help us move in all at one time." (I can take a hint).

I adore our kids, I am missing their noise and messes already. But the fact that they are strong, determined, creative, dependable and Godly eases the loss.

You pray your whole life for your kids to answer God's calling on their lives, both spiritually as well as vocationally. What you have to do to allow that calling to become their own is let them leave. Empty nest...I can't believe it has come so quickly.

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