Sunday, August 10, 2008

crazy weekend

Wow, what a weekend!

We were so excited to have our Senior Pastor back with us this weekend from his study leave! Things, however didn't go quite as planned. When Tim arrived to teach Saturday evening, he told us his back was really bothering him. He said he didn't think he could get through the night!

I knew this meant two things, we needed to get another teaching pastor wired up and I had to make really, really sure that we taped the service successfully. This would allow us on Sunday to run the message off DVD if Pastor Tim couldn't teach and if the pastor's decided to run the DVD of the teaching vs. another pastor trying to teach.

Our worst fears came true Sunday morning as we got the call that Pastor Tim was on his way to the ER! The team went into high gear! You may ask, what is the big deal you had a DVD? Yes, but there were many other details to attend to.

  • I met with our Executive Pastor, Mark Pierce to discuss his entrance and how he would introduce the message DVD
  • I then explained to the band and vocalists that we would begin the service 2 minutes early to allow for the introduction. I asked the worship leader to dismiss the audience if they didn't leave when the DVD's dissmissal came up.
  • I then talked to our Technical Director asking for additional lighting cues to be added. We needed to light the introduction and to add a lower light setting for the house to make the DVD easy to see while allowing people to fill in the blanks on the teaching notes.
  • I then communicated with the video production area also explaining that we were going to begin 2 minutes early and that the DVD would run after the introduction. They also had to watch the DVD carefully and be prepared to go to a second playback source if anything went wrong.

Our worship was of course live and truly amazing, you can watch the service at

If anyone thought it was easier just to run a DVD think again!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lori! It was definitely a fun morning. I have to admit, even I don't know everything it takes to pull off a "DVD morning." I love being your partner during hectic weekends like this past one! - Mark