Tuesday, October 29, 2013

what I learned today

I'm reading a book right now about leading worship and the things that matter most.

It's interesting how those of us that spend our week preparing all the details for the worship services can get lost in the details and have to work hard not to neglect the heart of worship.

What God values most He has determined not to take from us against our will. That is amazing to think about.  The God of the entire universe who could TAKE or CREATE anything He wanted will not take our devotion, our gratitude, our obedience, our worship.  But it's what He wants most.

Every single minute of my day, every single activity I participate in, all of my work, all of my thoughts every part of me can give Him what he wants most - my worship - my desire to know Him intimately.

What robs Him of what He desires?  Worry, a lack of time in the Word and prayer, sin.

What's just as amazing as Him not forcing out of us what He wants, is the fact that His love is new everyday.  I can start again tomorrow.  He waits.  That's crazy!

I love Him so much

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