Wednesday, October 23, 2013

no room in my mind

I have not even given my blog a moments thought I've been so busy!  I've had no room in my mind to think and write - my mind has also been full of thankfulness.  So tonight I was determined to carve out a little time!!

I've had time the last few days to hang out with friends
and family and I have thoroughly enjoyed them both.  One of the things that was especially great was my mom's birthday shopping trip to Columbus!

My dad, book in hand decided to ride along, " just to be with mom he said."

We came sneaking up on him once in the mall to see him snoring away - after snapping a picture we left him in peace for a stop at one more store before lunch.

My parents have been married for 56 years.  I am thankful for every one of them.  And I take none of those years for granted.

I was telling my sister how blessed we have been to grow up in a quiet, peaceful, strife free home.  Even in adult-hood there are no fights or mean exchanges, ever.    It doesn't mean we're perfect but it means that my parents let the Lord that they love affect their daily lives.  They live it all the time.

As we celebrated my mom's birthday, I thanked the Lord for her, over and over that day.  She is the perfect wife and mother and cares deeply about the things of the Lord.  She deserved to be celebrated!

Our shopping wound down as we found a great pet store and I just HAD to buy Vern
his winter coat which he modeled when I got home.

Yes, I've been busy - but I built memories in the busyness and am thankful tonight to finally express my praise to my Lord!!

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