Thursday, October 10, 2013

loving Austin

I can see why people love it here - interesting sums it up best!  With no effort at all and just a short drive you can find tons of choices concerning how to spend your time.

My favorite things so far.

#1 - sleeping in
#2 - trailer food
#3 - the music scene
#4 - the weather
#5 - the shopping
#6 - sleeping in again

It's a blast out here and VERY restful so far - I'm beyond thankful for a few days out here with Ron's brother Tom who has been the PERFECT host!!  Here's a few photos from yesterday...  we'll talk again soon!


The capitol of Austin

the Capitol extension

another view of the capitol 

an amazing stage and free-standing screen backdrop

up-lights in the trees, hmmmm Christmas at Crossroads parking lot?


the painted floor of the Austin museum looking down from 2 floors up
paintings appear 3-dimensional

Justin Vernon - Grammy award winning guitarist - so good!

Blind Boys of Alabama - also Grammy winners fantastic

Penny & Sparrow - a group I plan to investigate!  I loved them!!

Tonight we get to see one of our nephews perform as one of the Beetles in his school play - so we can't wait!!  Too much excitement for one trip!

Have a great night Mansfield!

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Wendell said...

I visited Austin a while ago to hang out with my friend Gary Foran, on staff at Gateway church in Austin. Enjoyed lots of TexMex food, LBJ library, UT campus, boated on lake, biked on trails, more TExMex and worship at Gateway!