Wednesday, October 16, 2013

the last day

This was our last day in Texas - it has been relaxing, confirming, confidence building, built greater contentment, revealed weaknesses, renewed determination, created new thankfulness.  Extremely worth while.

We heard great teaching, participated in fantastic worship, made new friends and discussed future possibilities.

Here is a glimpse of things we saw last night and today - thanks to all of your who prayed for our safety and learning!

This is the hallway outside the Gateway auditorium

An amazing night of worship

live artist painted on stage during worship

One workshop with Tim Shepherd and Thomas Miller

Max Lucado was an amazing speaker!

a little bit of praise at Gateway

The grassy knoll in Dallas where President Kennedy was killed
This is the building where they think Oswald shot from a top window

Goodbye Dallas - Mansfield here we come tomorrow!

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