Friday, October 11, 2013

exploring and shooting

Today started with exploring the German town of Gruene - so beautiful!

Brothers - Ron and Tom

we ate a magnificent lunch at the Gist Mill Resturant!

It felt nothing like a resturant - almost as if you were just having a picnic by yourself
I found a shop called 'The Gypsie" and fell in love with a whole line of clothes I've never seen before just in time to hear my hubby say it was time to go!!  Not a happy girl - but I quickly typed the name of the clothing line into my browser for future ordering!  And there will be future ordering!

We arrived back in Austin just as our nephews got out of school and it was off to play for a while.

Our team won the laser tag game I'm proud to report!! We cheered with guns in the air as the defeated team sadly passed by!   I'm fairly sure the oldest child on the opposing team may have been 8 if I'm generous.  Details...
Victorious lazer tag team

A Game Place!

Endless climbing walls - I kept turning corners and finding more!
We ended the night at Torchies - the best taco resturant I've ever eaten at!
Excellent ending to our perfect day!

It's been fun to be with family in Austin - tomorrow we head toward Dallas and are praying for opportunities we've only dreamed of!  Gateway Church - here we come!

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