Friday, October 25, 2013

the honest truth

Some of you know I have had 2 night time seizures in the past 2 1/2 years.  I have been through a battery of tests this year all of which have returned to us normal - for which we're thankful.

Tuesday I have my last EEG and then the diagnosis we all assumed will probably be decided...stress and exhaustion.

Today I went in to my favorite Custom Pharmacy and Health Store to pick up more vitamins. 

One of the tests I had done was a saliva test that measures hormone levels and the Pharmacist wanted to talk to me about my test.  He looked at me and said , "you look tired".  He looked very unhappy.

So I followed him into his office and he proceeded to tell me what the results were - there weren't horrible just marginally low and then he said this, "if I could take your cell phone and computer away from you for 6 months and send you away, you would be a different person.  If you continue at this pace you are going to face serious health issues and I'm really worried about you..." 

ok then....

So what do I do with that??

When people that I respect tell me things I listen but i really don't know how to be something i'm not,,,

I'm not writing this for sympathy so please don't feel badly for me. it was just kind of surprising.

I guess I'll go to sleep now.

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