Saturday, October 5, 2013

a deep ache

I was just doing laundry this morning - playing with Vern, more like side-stepping Vern trying to avoid steeping on him when I got this deep ache -   an ache to read God's words and focus on the Lord.

So I picked up my Bible and read Chapter 2 of Habakkuk in preparation for the weekend's teaching at Crossroads.

What did God have for me to learn from this chapter?  It's full of concern over God's seeming lack of response to evil - that's certainly current as I look around at the concern of today's believers watching our freedoms slip away.  Wondering why God doesn't just crush the evil coming into our country.

It's also full of waiting - waiting for God's timing becuase He is the only one that see the eternal picture.  Think of that - the pockets of believers being tortured and killed around our world right now - the starvation of children going on around the world - He sees it as one piece one picture on a page in man's determination to rule himself minus God.  God the creator or man.  Crazy!

So trust and waiting - that's what the first two chapters seem to be full of.  What is my response to God?  Does my lack of trust and contentment show Him I truly don't believe that He is in control?  Does my worry tell Him I feel He's incapable of controlling our future?  Even if our future holds trial and things way out of our comfort zone?

I am anxious for Pastor Tim's teaching this weekend - and my ache has been fulfilled by God's Word once again.

It's crazy that my freedom allows me to physically pick up His Word whenever I choose - and many times I choose instead to remain in my lack of trust and worry.  For only in Him is my heaviness of life relieved ed and my burdens washed away.

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