Monday, October 21, 2013


This month has contained a whole lot of 'away'!  And what a blessing it's been!

Last night I spent the night away for one of my girlfriends' birthdays - I'm not sure how many words have been spoken - or how many times we nearly fell off the couch in gales of laughter, but it has been a blast!  I love the women God has placed in my life and HIGHLY value them!

In talking to other ministry leaders I have discovered that our staff at Crossroads is a rarity as far as how close we all are.  How awesome to get to work and serve with people we love everyday!

I want to tell you who my staff girlfriends are that I give thanks for!  There is one new girl I'm looking forward to getting to know, her name is Kelly!

These are the staff girls I work with everyday:


On top of the staff we have amazing volunteers - God blesses me with these girls!

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